Helping peer-to-peer lenders understand both borrowers and lenders with accurate affordability and AML checks

How our data can help you

TransUnion have more sub-prime data than the other UK credit reference agencies (CRAs), together with huge quantities of positive data concerning up-to-date financial records, which is crucial in determining the risk associated with your applicants. This combination of Short Term Lending data and more traditional lending performance information is essential in enabling us to provide the most predictive data and insight available for assessing new lending requests.

We have over 120 clients in the Short Term and Alternative Lending sector who we help with:
Affordability assessment Fast and automated decision making
ID verification Payment, card and bank verification
Compliance and regulatory advice Reducing the risk of fraud
Reducing default rates Consultancy and analytics

Verify borrowers and lenders quickly and reduce the risk of fraud

We understand the need for fast customer verification which is why we provide a typical response time of less than 0.5 seconds. We can help you verify your applicant quickly and pin-point any fraudulent applications in an instant.

Our solutions have in-built Anti-Money Laundering checks so that you can ensure all incoming funds are from a fully verified source.

Our fraud and identity tools enable Peer-to-Peer lenders to:

  • Help you comply with Anti-Money Laundering regulations and be confident you meet the industry regulations
  • Validate the identity of a customer at application 
  • Verify payment details, we can link card and bank account details directly to an individual so that you know exactly who you are dealing with

We can work with you to help reduce fraud losses, reduce false positives, improve pass rates and improve the customer experience for legitimate customers.

Income verification and affordability assessment for responsible lending decisions

TranUnion promote responsible lending and we can help your business do the same with our market-leading service to verify your applicant’s income is as stated at the point of application, without the need for documentation or manual intervention.

We can confirm the applicant’s income is as stated at point of application, giving you the confidence that your applicant can meet the necessary repayments.

Our data has proved to be highly predictive at being able to determine whether an applicant is likely to meet their repayments. Insight into affordability is an invaluable tool in helping to evidence a responsible approach to lending decisions.

First class technology

We know that speed of response is crucial to your business which is why we’re committed to providing the most up to date solutions for your needs.

Our innovative matching algorithms help ensure that we are able to match more applicants to our databases with the greatest levels of confidence in the market. Our ability to search undeclared address links uncovers a huge amount of significant data, both derogatory and positive, to help make more accurate credit risk decisions.

Our data is simple to link to and integrate into your decision systems via an API. Our technology has been specially designed with web channels in mind, and is a fully documented XML web service.

Expert Consultancy for Peer-to-Peer Lenders

At TransUnion we pride ourselves in understanding the Short Term and Alternative Lending market and being able to create innovative solutions to the challenges you face. We have a dedicated team of consultants and analysts who can provide support for your business from the very beginning right through to client management and support.

Our consultants are experts in this field and can review your current processes and existing scorecards to ensure you are accepting more applicants whilst protecting you from fraud and cutting default rates.

Ask our consultants about:

  • Product Implementation Support and workshops
  • Customer and scorecard analysis
  • Reporting
  • Industry Insight
  • Post Decline analysis

To contact one of our Peer-to-Peer Lending experts contact us and we will be in touch shortly

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