Giving you the tools to trace beneficiaries if they have moved

A vital element of probate is the tracing of known heirs to a will enabling them to claim their inheritance. CallTrace can help you locate missing beneficiaries to the estates of deceased persons through its powerful address links function. If you have their last known address, CallTrace will search links to other addresses that they are associated with to quickly identify their current residence, allowing you to unite them with unexpected legacies.

In addition to using address links built up from the credit referencing database, it also sources data from the Edited Electoral Roll, the Land Registry, personal insolvencies, and deceased databases to paint an accurate address link history.

The system is also highly flexible and can be set up to bill by submission or by return of positive information.

Along with CallTrace, we offer Retriever as part of our tracing suite. Retriever is our easy to use, flexible and more versatile tracing tool where any information about a potential beneficiary or debtor could be entered.

With Retriever, you can reverse look-up the information you search through using credit history linked to the person you are trying to find even if the person has changed addresses or changed their name. Retriever is flexible in how it searches by bringing up results of individuals that are exact matches as well as matches of similar habits.

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