Reduce the risk of bad debt

Understand your client's ability to pay before you accept the case

Getting a new client through the door is all well and good, but you could put a lot of time into a case and struggle to get paid at the end of it. That's why it's best to do appropriate credit checks at the outset of the relationship.

CallReport helps you determine the credit worthiness of new clients, quickly and effortlessly, allowing you to assess the likelihood of them paying the fee. In a nutshell our primary credit report service confirms a client's name, their address, how long they've lived there, their previous addresses and the presence and value of any adverse credit history, including CCJ's and personal insolvencies - even if they were associated with a different address.

What's more, it gives you an easy to understand risk score enabling you to make an informed decision within seconds! And with it being delivered online, CallReport is available to access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whenever you need it.

Why choose us for your credit reports?

As one of only three UK credit reference agencies, we are the youngest and the most agile. Our systems are innovative, our datasets are more accurate and better quality and our reports are more logical and easier to understand. CallReport accesses a comprehensive range of datasets to make a decision that you can trust. These include the full Electoral Roll and sources of adverse credit data from the Registry Trust.

We also use a range of geodemographic datasets relating to the postcode in which an individual lives to get a wider view of their circumstances, including levels of affluence, investment activity, unemployment, property prices, lifestage and lifestyle.

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