Reduce Business Risk and Vulnerability

As a legal practice you're no doubt highly aware of the risks you're exposed to. Whether these are financial risks associated with non payment of fees or more illicit risks such as financial crime, our innovative solutions can help. As a credit reference agency we are market leaders in the fields of identity verification and credit risk.

Meet your customer due diligence demands quickly, easily and cost effectively

It is a requirement of the Legal Profession to comply with all aspects of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) Regulations. Non-compliance can result in financial penalties or even criminal prosecution. Our Anti-Money Laundering solutions are simple to use and can help you instantly comply, whilst saving money and admin overheads, delivering a prompt, professional and seamless experience for your client.

Where clients are remote or deemed a higher risk, our tools can give you the added benefit of bank checks and associated challenge and response questions to build an extra level of confidence into the customer due diligence process.

Assess your client's likelihood of paying their fees

Understanding your client's ability to pay is crucial if you are to minimise your bad debt list. Our online Credit Report puts the power in your hands, 24/7, enabling you to make a quick, informed and cost-effective decision when taking on new cases.

Chase bad debt and 'non-payers'

If you already have a book of bad debt then all is not lost. Our sophisticated Consumer Tracing solutions can help you locate non-payers and chase up and collect outstanding fees.

Trace known beneficiaries

In the same vein, our Beneficiary Tracing tools can be used to help you successfully track down and unite known heirs with their inheritance.

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