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TransUnion offer a range of identity and verification tools that are designed to help insurers validate an individual’s identity throughout the stages of the customer lifecycle. We work with a number of insurance companies to help improve their understanding of risk and strengthen their fraud awareness. 

TransUnion has unrivalled experience and knowledge of the insurance sector in relation to the prevention of financial crime and has developed a range of innovative solutions. these solutions are enabling insurers to tackle the threat of fraud and make better decisions.


CallValidate is used extensively by insurers at the Point of Inception, cancellation or claim. It allows insurers to capture and carry out identity verification checks and checks against payment details such as bank accounts, debit and credit cards.

With one search CallValidate detects and prevents fraud, whilst helping you to comply with Anti-Money Laundering regulations. The bank account verification can provide benefit to ensure the account/card being used belongs to the individual.

This process can help reduce operational costs and improve the customer journey by impacting fewer genuine customers during the validation process and ensure details are correct before payments fail. 

CallValidate’s robust and flexible fraud detection technology is designed to adapt to the changing threats of the insurance industry.

TransUnion also offer insurers our proven anti-money laundering tool; CallID. CallID has been designed to help organisations across the insurance industry confirm policyholder’s details and provide clear indications of any instances of data being fabricated from a wide variety of sources. 


CallID provides a way to accurately verify an individual’s identity at the point of quote utilising a variety of data sources to verify identity and also indicate fraud risk which can help insurers:

  • Verify Individuals using comprehensive recognised quality data, including credit data.
  • Speed up the application process for new customers
  • Fraud prevention
  • Pricing for identity and fraud risk
  • Enhance the customer journey preventing the need for paper proof

The customisable nature of the product allows unique strategies to be developed using CallID to meet the risk appetite of each individual insurer.

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