Make more informed decisions based on the best data available

As an insurance broker you need access to the most accurate and up-to-date information when evaluating a policy applicant for referral. Not only to ensure the details they have supplied are correct and that they are offered the policy most suitable to their circumstances, but also to safeguard against bad payments and fraudulent applications.

Identity verification:

Informed Broker verifies a policy applicant’s details against the most robust databases available providing a clear pass or fail result in an instant.

  • Verify name, address and date of birth
  • Deceased datasets
  • HM Treasury Sanctions file
  • Politically Exposed Persons
  • OFAC/Specially Designated Nationals file
  • Goneaway confirmation
  • Forwarding address link confirmation
  • LOR Warnings provided if credit records or Electoral Roll records are under a year old
  • CIFAS alerts

6 years full address links history:

TransUnion can provide details of a policy applicant’s previous addresses over the preceding 6 year period. Historical address links and aliases allow you to discover previously undisclosed information about the applicant.

Our identity verification services are now available via LexisNexis Risk Solutions' Informed Broker platform.

How can Informed Broker help my business?

Informed Broker is the UK’s most comprehensive customer check for Insurance Brokers. As an easy to use online tool, you can access the system around the clock giving you greater flexibility in your working day.

In a single transaction customers access TransUnion data alongside LexisNexis Risk Solutions's Informed Claims. 

Informed Claims

Informed Claims from LexisNexis Risk Solutions pulls claims data from UK insurance companies, into one central, searchable database. Informed Claims identifies and highlights inaccurately disclosed claims information. Updated daily and providing access to 6 years history, Informed Claims puts the most comprehensive claims data at your fingertips.

When combined with TransUnion address links, Informed Claims has been shown to return 20% - 30% more claims than a standard search- claims which the applicant may have deliberately hidden. This service is unique to Informed Broker.

Quick checks for quicker decisions

Performing a search through Informed Broker requires just 3 key inputs: Full name, Address, Date of birth. Informed Broker will then return a full claims history at the individual’s current and previous addresses, providing an instant decision as to whether or not you should pass the opportunity onto an insurer, or whether further investigation is required. The solution combines unique personal data from TransUnion with claims data from selected third parties


  • Improves profitability of Insurer accounts, and improves loss ratios
  • Reduces the number of defaults and avoids issues of cancellation prior to 1st payment
  • Reduces fraudulent applications
  • Increases opportunities for upsell or value added services, enhancing customer loyalty at renewal
  • Avoids post inception insurer challenges and helps avoid poor performing risks and subsequent customer complaints
  • Assists in the avoidance of re-brokering customers who have been refused insurance or had a policy cancelled

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