Know your employees and aid FCA compliance with our online candidate checks

Our employee vetting tool helps you achieve compliance with FCA recruitment guidelines. It provides a comprehensive range of pre-vetting checks which will help you find the right candidate in a timely manner.

To satisfy the requirement for a Financial Soundness Check, TransUnion will help you quickly and easily gain the full picture of a candidate. Our industry standard credit report, CallReport, allows you to confirm a candidate’s name, address and the presence or absence of CCJs, BAIs, insolvencies or IVAs to identify any issues with debt in the last 6 years. It also enables you to search address links to identify any hidden debt at previous addresses. The inclusion of their credit score also allows you to rank individuals in order of their relative risk.

With this information at your fingertips you can make an informed decision before you even get to interview stage, saving you both time and money in the recruitment process. CallReport can also be used for ongoing employment reviews.

CallReport provides a full audit trail of the input and returned data as well as the date. This can be easily printed or converted to PDF to file away electronically alongside staff and application records.

TransUnion can also provide a range of ID verification products as part of an employee check, enabling you to quickly confirm the real identity of prospective employees. Additional checks can include confirmation of their date of birth as well as any name aliases they may be known under. The system can also highlight any persons known to be deceased and can authenticate previous residential addresses overseas, including performing a validation check on their passport against data from over 135 countries.


  • Aids FCA compliance
  • Helps you recruit the right staff
  • Access detailed reports in an easily understood transparent format
  • Provides real-time checks enabling instant decisions - speeding up the recruitment process
  • Save time and money by reducing administrative overheads
  • Daily updates to source data
  • Available online 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Excellent client support through the service desk

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