Know your customers better - make sure they are who their bank account says they are

Everyday your customers are investing substantial amounts of money with you in different financial products. This makes you and your business susceptible to a wider potential of fraud risk. We can help you comply with all aspects of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations, Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) Regulations and the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. We can also help you 'know your customers' that little bit better by conducting a more detailed customer due diligence check to help you build more confidence into the customer relationship.

CallValidate is unique in that it can verify the bank account and bank card details that they submit, against our credit referencing database, to confirm that they are correct and actually match your customer. Our ‘Ownership Fraud Alert’ will help you identify if someone else’s details match to the account they’ve given you.

These bank checks can be vital if you are not dealing with a customer face to face or if you deem them as high risk. They can also help you highlight the ‘true’ beneficial owners.

You can also take your verification processes to the next level by posing subjective questions based on their account data.

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