Risk Management

Know who you’re dealing with online to reduce fraud and be able to adhere to anti-money laundering regulations.

Our verification tool, CallValidate, can help you to instantly identify:

  • Payment and impersonation fraud
  • Under-age sign ups
  • High risk players

These real-time online verification checks will help you identify more customers first time without the need for manual intervention.

You can also verify the identity of global players with ease, using our international database of age, phone numbers, ID and passport numbers.

Authenticate bank and card details by linking a credit card or bank account directly to an individual. Whether they are paying in or you are paying out, you can verify that the transaction is secure and reduce the risk of fraud.

Use data you currently have to establish connections between people, places and contact details to help prevent online gaming fraud.

Retriever’s single search technology returns high probability results, rather than exact matches which sees through data entry or name and address variations.

Watch our video to find out more about Retriever technology.


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