International Identity Verification

Boost your global acquisition rates

Have complete confidence in verifying the identity of individuals with the most comprehensive global ID verification service available. CallValidate International verifies name, address and date of birth information from over 135 countries worldwide.

Verify international players and get them on board

  • Real-time Identity Check at point of application or transaction
  • Low cost - when compared to traditional identity checks
  • Reduced risk of impersonation fraud

 Key features:

  • Used for individual ID verification for over 135 countries
  • Built from the most comprehensive datasets from each individual country
  • Verifies telephone numbers and ID document numbers or Social Security number for certain countries
  • The service requires a name, address, postal/zip code, country with additional optional input of date of birth, phone number and ID document number
  • Access via Web system or API or batch
  • In addition, CallValidate has the ability to verify passports from anywhere in the world

Know Your Customer has become increasingly important for both compliance and fraud detection purposes. We needed a solution that could deliver a worldwide approach to customer verification. When choosing a verification supplier to work with, we looked at four key areas.

  • Match Rates
  • Intelligence
  • Support
  • Cost

I'm pleased to say that Callcredit performed well in all four areas. We have improved our UK and international match rates. We received excellent support throughout the integration process and we continue to receive professional support through our client manager. The pricing model suits our needs and the service shows great value for money.

We are delighted to have chosen Callcredit as a verification supplier and look forward to working closely with them throughout the business relationship. 

Andy Ryan

Customer Security Manager, Paddy Power


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