Tenant Identity Verification

Verifying the identities of prospective tenants

Before handing over the keys or providing access to a rental property, it's important to know exactly who it is you are dealing with. Online electronic identity verification tool, CallID, can be used to instantly perform a proof of residency check, helping you to detect and prevent potential tenancy fraud. It can be used to confirm the identity of an individual and validate their address alongside other corroborating detail, such as confirming a date of birth.

Performing a vendor check to prevent impersonation fraud

Tenant sub-letting is a growing problem in itself. But disturbingly, cases of impersonation fraud, where a tenant poses to be the homeowner in order to sell their landlords property, are also on the rise. CallID can be used to authenticate vendors at the outset of the relationship and alleviate the risks of accepting fraudulent ID documents. It's suitable for face to face or back office decision making and uses a comprehensive list of recognised quality data sources, including credit data, to deliver a powerful 'pass' or refer' result in seconds.

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