Reduce your risks with money laundering, fraud and tenancy checks

If you're an estate agent or a letting agent, you can be exposed to a number of business risks that could cause you difficulties one way or the other. You could be involved in a fraudulent property sale, one that's being used to front money laundering, or you might be at risk of taking on tenants who don't have the means to pay. Either way, our quick and easy online checks can help alleviate these risks.

Helping you comply with anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing legislation

If you want to avoid financial penalties or even a prison term, our simple to use Anti-Money Laundering (AML) check is available online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It performs all the customer due diligence checks you need to comply with the Regulations including PEP and Sanctions checks, making the whole process quick and effortless, both for yourself and the buyer.

Helping you verify who you're dealing with

Whether you're looking to place a tenant, taking instructions from a vendor or showing a potential buyer around a property, it's important to Know Your Customer (KYC). Our online Identity Verification service lets you verify that an individual is actually who they say they are and that they live at the address they've given. Not only does this reduce the risks for staff, it also means you can accurately identify and authenticate individuals to prevent fraud.

Giving you the tools to have confidence in your tenant vetting

When placing tenants on behalf of landlords, the last thing you need is the hassle that comes with a late or non-payer. Our online credit report lets you assess the likelihood of each tenant being able to fulfil their commitments. It gives you access when you need it, enabling you to make instant decisions on prospective tenants.

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