All the credit referencing tools you need to make responsible lending decisions

Whether you have a member looking to increase their overdraft limit, or a new applicant requiring a loan or a mortgage, it's important that you have a thorough knowledge of their current credit commitments and their ability to pay.

But I'm already using a credit reference agency?

It doesn't matter. Many lenders are taking advantage of TransUnion's expertise in setting up multi-bureau solutions. Even if you have an existing provider, our data can be plugged in alongside it to create a more comprehensive picture; giving you a second or even third wash solution so no-one slips through your automated decisioning net.

Whilst our basic credit report, CallReport, is available to all, membership of our closed user group, SHARE, enables members to see enhanced information. SHARE is free to join and helps lenders to understand an individual's propensity to repay a credit agreement based upon their previous two years' of account performance data across all contributing lenders.

More accurate, better quality data than other credit reports in a simple, logical view

As one of only three UK credit reference agencies, we are the youngest and the most agile. Our systems are innovative, our datasets are more accurate and of better quality and our credit reports are more logical and easier to understand.

At a basic level it confirms the applicant's name, address, how long they've lived there, their previous addresses and the presence and value of any CCJs or Bankruptcies - even if they were associated with a different address, alias or a family or financial associate. SHAREReport enhances this intelligence with an applicant's credit payment performance - bank accounts, loans, credit cards, mortgages and other finance agreements.  It also features a range of other data to provide additional insight into your members' behaviour.  These include Electoral Roll data, UK Cards Association Behavioural Data Sharing (BDS) information including history of payments and cash advances, and geodemographic risk scoring derived at postcode level. Also part of SHAREReport is our series of Gauge credit risk scores which provide you with a fast, objective and consistent measure of their credit risk enabling you to make an informed decision in seconds.

Our credit reports are available in a format to suit you. Either on a browser for manual assessment, via API for automated application processing or as a flat file for use in your own scorecard.

To find out more about our credit referencing solutions for Building Societies please contact us and one of our experts will contact you shortly.

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