Our suite of award-winning identity verification and fraud solutions is designed to instantly verify identity, detect and prevent fraud and comply with latest regulations whilst reducing operational costs and improving customer journey.

Our solutions utilise the widest range of quality positive and negative data sources to consistently achieve the highest verification pass rates and optimal fraud detection rates.  All of this can be achieved with no intrusion on the customer during the application process, enabling an accelerated, paperless customer 'take on' whilst reducing fraud.

CallValidate is the most powerful identity verification and fraud prevention solution in the market today. We deliver value to our customers by combining identity verification with the ability match the customer's name and address to their payment card or bank account, helping to drive profits and reduce fraud. In a single instant search, CallValidate returns over 70 different configurable fraud warnings including our latest suite of fraud checks - Ownership Fraud Alert - delivering details of the true owner of the card or bank account.

CallValidate can be deployed in real time or can be used to undertake ad-hoc queries through an intuitive web browser.

Our entire suite of fraud prevention products can be delivered seamlessly through a single integration to help you:

  • Detect and prevent fraud
  • Comply with Anti-Money Laundering Regulations
  • Validate identity at application stage
  • Validate payment transactions
  • Process payments swiftly and confidently
  • Conduct international verification checks from over 135 countries

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