Credit Risk & Affordability

Our expert approach to credit reporting and affordability assessment enables smarter and more responsible customer decisioning throughout the customer management lifecycle.

We offer a range of tailored credit risk solutions, enabling you to assess a customer's risk and affordability and make more accurate decisions about the likelihood of them fulfilling their credit commitments.

Our core credit reporting service, CallReport, includes details of your customers' previous payment patterns and debts over the past six years and includes our market-leading credit score. Our ground-breaking database design and innovative matching algorithms ensure that CallReport returns more relevant data than any other CRA.

We also provide The Bureau Summary Block (BSB) - a summarised version of raw credit file data for use within your scoring and decisioning software. Our daily alerts service complements our credit reporting data by delivering timely notification of a series of key credit events so that you can take appropriate action without delay.

Our Affordability Suite has proved to be a powerful tool in the responsible lending armour and enables you to base your credit management decisions on a view of over-indebtedness rather than just a customer's credit history. Unique to the marketplace, we provide access to the power of consumer income data to help deliver the most comprehensive picture of your customers available.

Our expert consultants are available to help ensure that you get maximum insight from our data and are able to combine it with your existing data sources to deliver innovative and coherent strategies. We can even help you link bureau data from multiple providers with our unique Multi-Bureau approach.

To find out more about our Credit Risk and Affordability Solutions please contact us and one of our dedicated experts will get back to you shortly.

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