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Mitigate the risk of ID Fraud

Better detect and prevent ID fraud with TransUnion's proprietary insights, bespoke solutions and practical guidance. 

In an age when consumer trust is a vital component in retaining existing business, leaders who successfully mitigate ID fraud could enjoy more profitable, long-lasting consumer relationships.

Our 2023 State of Omnichannel Fraud Report explores these issues and provides insights and recommendations for implementing smarter, more effective fraud prevention strategies that build consumer trust by demonstrating safety in omnichannel customer experiences.

Download the full report for access to our proprietary insights, including:
  • How fraud leaders can mitigate the risk of identity fraud
  • UK and worldwide digital fraud trends
  • Practical steps businesses can take to counter data breach threats that fuel fraud

  • Implications for fraud prevention leaders, including guidance on how to:
    • Reduce friction and increase conversions
    • Improve fraud detection while reducing false positives
    • Mitigate synthetic identities

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