Credit, Fraud and Risk in the Age of Machines

You might not know it but machine learning is already here, sometimes quite literally staring us in the face in the home or on our smartphone. Amazon’s Alexa is machine learning that now lives in the living rooms of homes around the world and Netflix knows what you want to watch next because it’s looked at your data alongside that of millions of other users.

So machine learning is here but media coverage on the topic can be confusing and sensationalist, and for many organisations it might not yet be clear what commercial advantages it may offer. With this in mind we’ve produced a report that provides a topline view of what machine learning is, the benefits it can offer and how you should be thinking about it for your organisation. Following a year-long research project, our data scientists have developed a unique and in-depth understanding of machine learning technology, and in particular how it can be applied to credit risk and financial services, areas where the technology has yet to be explored.

Key takeaways you’ll get from downloading our machine learning whitepaper:

  • Acquire a topline view of what machine learning is and why matters now

  • Understand how businesses are using it to improve customer experience and ROI

  • Gain an insight into how TransUnion are using Machine Learning in affordability modelling and fraud prevention and the performance improvements these tests have delivered

  • The paper is the first in a series of machine learning lead content and is designed to show why it’s time to embrace machine learning technology.

Find out more by downloading your copy of the ‘Credit, Fraud and Risk in the Age of Machines’ white paper now.

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