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Information on your credit report

No. The information CRAs obtain from public sources, such as electoral register data, bankruptcies and County Court Judgments should be similar, but information supplied by lenders may well be different. Some lenders supply data about their credit accounts to all three CRAs, while others only supply data to one or two agencies.

There are a few reasons why this may happen:

  • (1) Recently opened opened and information has not yet been shared with TU
  • (2) Information from this provider is not shared with TU at all,
  • (3) this is a really old account (15+ yrs) and at the time of signing it was not as common for users to be notified inforamtion would be shared to CRAs and in this instance the user will need to contact their lender to share their data for CRA purposes.

Although we hold millions of accounts on our database, some lenders don’t contribute information about their credit agreements to TransUnion. They may supply data to all three CRAs or only to one or two agencies.

It's TransUnion's priority to ensure the information we obtain is held securely. All the personal data we hold is processed in accordance with strict security standards and procedures.

Type of information Expiry date
Credit agreements Six years from the date the account was settled or defaulted – whichever happened first
Searches Two years
County Court Judgment/decree Six years from the date of judgment/decree
Bankruptcy Six years from the original registration date
Individual voluntary arrangement Six years from the original registration date
Cifas A Cifas protective registration remains on your credit file for as long as you subscribe to the Cifas service
Association Indefinitely or until you contact us and demonstrate it’s no longer appropriate for you to be associated with the other person
Alias Indefinitely
Electoral register Indefinitely
Notice of correction Until you ask for its removal
Administration order Six years from the date of the order, even if paid in full


If the information on your credit report regarding your electoral registration is incorrect, you’ll need to supply us with evidence from your local authority in order to update your credit file.

You can email this to [email protected] or send it to TransUnion Consumer Services Team, PO Box 647, Unit 4, HULL, HU9 9QZ.