MOGObankconnect Useful Information

Useful Information

The MOGObankconnect App (“the App”) is created by a company called MogoPlus Holdings PTE Limited (“MogoPlus”) but is provided to you by TransUnion at the request of the service provider whose services you are applying for (“Service Provider”).    

Your contract for the App itself is with TransUnion. TransUnion is the trading name of TransUnion International UK Limited (company no. 3961870), a UK credit reference agency who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. TransUnion’s registered address is One Park Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS3 1EP. 

The App is a single-use disposable app which allows you to log into your online bank account and send details of your online banking transactions via TransUnion and MogoPlus to the Service Provider.  

All of the data which the App takes from your online bank account will be encrypted in transit until it gets to the Service Provider.

The App itself is free of charge although you may incur data charges from your internet or network provider when downloading the App.  Please check with your internet or network provider for details of any such charges.

Once you have clicked on the “I Accept” button in the email sent to you from TransUnion, the download of the App will commence immediately. If you have already downloaded the App onto your device, clicking the second ”I Accept” button in the email will open the App on your device or desktop.   

Once you have opened the App you will be prompted to enter your online banking login credentials (and, if you haven't already given the relevant bank account details to your Service Provider, you will also be prompted to select the appropriate online bank account containing the transaction details you wish to send to your Service Provider).    

The App will automatically retrieve a copy of your online banking transaction details from your selected online bank account and deliver these to the Service Provider via TransUnion and MogoPlus.    

From clicking on the “I Accept” button until your online banking transaction details are delivered to your Service Provider should take no longer than 2 minutes assuming you open the App immediately after downloading it and enter your online banking log in details when prompted to do so.   

Please note that once you have clicked the “I Accept” button you are giving your express consent to the immediate download of the App. The download cannot be cancelled.   

If you do not wish to download the App, do not press the “I Accept” button, delete the email from your inbox and let the Service Provider know.   

Please remember however that your download and use of the App is entirely optional and that the App can be deleted from your device at any time and the contract will be terminated.

The App carries an extended validation certificate from Symantec Corporation which confirms that the App has been built and made available to you by MogoPlus and provides you with confidence as to the integrity of the App.

The MOGObankconnect App requires one of the following devices:

  • Apple:  An iPhone 4 or above, iPod Touch (5th generation) or iPad 2 or newer, with internet access and iOS v7.1.2 or above operating system or an Apple Mac device with internet access and Mac OS X v 10.7.4 or above operating system.
  • Android:  An Android device with internet access running Android v4.0 or above operating system.
  • Microsoft Windows:  A Microsoft Windows device with internet access and Windows 7 or above operating system. Windows RT devices on ARM processors are not supported.

If you require any assistance in relation to the download of or functionality of the App, please contact your Service Provider in the first instance.  

If you have any complaints relating to the App please contact:

MOGObankconnect Team


PO Box 491