MOGObankconnect FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Mogo?

Mogo are a Tech firm that initially launched their service in their home market Australia. They have licensed their software in the UK to Callcredit.

Why Callcredit?

As a UK Based Credit Reference Agency we are experts in managing consumer data for businesses across many sectors, from financial services, retail and utilities to public sector, telecoms, insurance and many more. TransUnion is focused on developing innovative products and services to help businesses and make it easier for their customers to make smarter decisions.

TransUnion have partnered with Mogo in the UK to provide this service.

What is this MOGObankconnect service and how does it work?

Rather than you going to your bank or searching for your statement and transaction history and faxing/posting them to a lender, MOGObankconnect digitally automates the process. It saves time and is far more convenient. It’s a far safer way of sending sensitive details over the internet because your data is encrypted.

MOGObankconnect is a sealed smart browser that automatically navigates to your online banking site and streams the data into a secure encrypted file and transmits it back to your lender. It’s sealed to make it secure and smart so you don’t have to do the work.

Your online banking login credentials are not seen by anyone other than you and your online banking provider and that’s because the connection happens between your device and your bank. Just like a normal log on.

How safe is it?

This app is approved by Apple and Google and it carries an extended validation certificate from Symantec making it safe to download because it doesn’t store anything and you can delete it after use if you like.

What do I have to do?

You will receive an email from MOGObankconnect and you just follow the instructions - either on a PC, tablet or smartphone. The main thing to remember is that you are not divulging your login credentials to anyone other than your online banking provider. All the access is done on your device. The whole thing should take less than 2 minutes.

Why do I need to download an app?

We don’t believe you should be sharing your online banking login credentials with any other party, nor does your bank. To be certain that your login credentials are safe and only seen by your bank we provide you with the MOGObankconnect app for use on your device. It’s just like using your bank’s mobile app or a browser like Chrome, Safari or Explorer. The difference is that the MOGObankconnect app will do all the keystrokes for you and only communicates the encrypted results to progress your application.

How big is the app?

This varies depending on your device, operating system and your internet connection speed, normally the download will take only a few seconds. You can delete the app after use if you are concerned about your device’s storage capacity.

What if I am at my work PC and cannot download MOGObankconnect?

Simply open your email inbox on your tablet or smartphone. MOGObankconnect will recognise the device type you are using and automatically take you to the App Store or Google Play, as required. Just like any other App download, you will need your Apple ID and password to download it. 

What about open Wi-Fi networks?

We would recommend that you do not connect to open Wi-Fi networks.  It is far more secure through a 3/4G device or through a secure Wi-Fi network at home or within the bank's branch. 

What would my bank think about this?

We don’t believe that you should disclose your online banking login credentials to any third party.

MOGObankconnect navigates and encrypts everything from your device meaning that only you and your online banking provider see your login credentials.

You are accessing and retrieving  YOUR data - data that your bank has made available to you online

If you are still uncomfortable you can still obtain paper based documents and post them instead.

What happens to my online banking transactional information?

Your data is only made available through MOGObankconnect for a period of 5 days. Your information may only be downloaded and stored on your customer file by the organisation that requested the information

What if I have more than one account?

You will need to undertake a MOGObankconnect for each account but that’s far easier than getting paper documents for each one.

Why can’t I review the information before it’s submitted?

The information is just a true reflection of your online banking account history which can be reviewed online through your online banking provider. 

It isn’t available on your device due to security reasons.

Is any data stored on my device?

No, the only thing that remains on your device is the app. This can be deleted or kept and re-used just in case you are asked to undertake a MOGObankconnect by another organisation.

Will using MOGObankconnect affect my credit file?

MOGObankconnect does not search your credit file, no credit search footprint is left.

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