A quick and easy way to share your online banking transactional data 

Financial applications are often long winded and easily held up. One of the stages which adds to the hassle is sourcing paper documentation. This can be time consuming and may even incur a charge.

However there is now a way in which documentation can be transferred digitally, in a matter of seconds, saving time and getting you one step closer towards approval.

What is MOGObankconnect?

MOGObankconnect enables you to simply, securely and quickly package up and supply your online banking transactional data.

MOGObankconnect provides a uniquely fast yet secure way to supply the organisation you are applying to with bank statements and financial data as part of the application process.

The process is completed in the following steps:

  1. Ask your lender if they use MOGObankconnect
  2. You are provided with the app by the lender you are applying to
  3. You authorise the app to access and summarise account data 
  4. Transactions are categorised and packaged out into a PDF on your device
  5. This categorised data is served to the organisation for review

Your online banking login credentials are only ever seen by you and your online banking provider.

Your login credentials or banking data are never retained or sold on; your credentials and banking data are encrypted and then purged, meaning they are never stored or shared with any third party.


  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Statements supplied in minutes
  • No more paper documents
  • Free to use
  • Complete on your home PC or on the move through your digital device
  • Reduces application timeframe so you can receive funds sooner

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