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Invest in your Future

Onboarding You

At TransUnion we facilitate an onboarding programme that is second to none. It’s imperative that our new colleagues are embraced and feel part of the team from day one so we put a lot of effort and energy into welcoming you and bringing you up to speed with the Company and your role quickly. The Exec team are keen to foster an open culture and environment where everyone feels that their contribution is key to our success.

Day One   Your First Few Weeks   Your First Few Months
On day one you will join our welcome programme where you will meet a range of people from different areas of the business. They will share with you what it's like to work here and give you the vital information you need early on to ensure that you settle in and feel part of the TransUnion team quickly.   In your team you will enjoy a role specific welcome programme during the first few weeks to ensure that you have all the knowledge and information you need to be successful in your new role.   You'll learn more about what we do, how our business fits together, the main markets in which we operate, our customer, consumer and marketplace trends and what differentiates us from our key competitors.

Please refer to our job applicant privacy notice to find out how we use and share personal data during the application process.