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Invest in your Future

Drive - My Career Journey


‘Drive’ is TransUnion’s fantastic new career management programme. This programme enables employees to take control of their own career development, plan their journey and create their own personal career toolkit.

Employees sign up to the full programme, but have the flexibility to work through the modules at their own pace.

The modules included are:

1.  Launch

The programme is promoted to TransUnion employees

2.  Taking Stock

½ day workshop ‘taking stock’ of the delegates’ career to date; strengths, past, influences and willingness to commit to developing their career

3.  Getting Feedback

The delegates request feedback to the following questions:  What am I good at?  What could I improve?  What advice would you give to me?

4.  Planning Your Journey

½ day workshop to develop goals and development plans

5.  Developing Your Toolkit

Optional modules for Drive ‘Graduates’ including Personal Brand, Resilience, and Interview Technique

Please refer to our job applicant privacy notice to find out how we use and share personal data during the application process.