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Invest in your Future

Developing You

We pride ourselves on attracting and nurturing talented people and this is what makes us such a successful business. Our people are encouraged to develop to their full potential, through regular reviews of performance, career discussions and being given access to the right learning and development opportunities.

We value:

  • Striving for excellence
  • Colleagues with diverse backgrounds with a wide range of skills and life experiences
  • Giving people what they need to do their job, learn and grow
  • Creating and taking opportunities to develop ourselves 

Our Learning and Development Strategy is informed by a model that recognises learning comes from a range of different opportunities:

  • Learning from experiences such as secondments, additional responsibilities, job rotation and interesting projects
  • Learning from others, such as coaching, mentoring, networking with great people, job shadowing
  • Self-directed learning, such as reading, seminars, e-learning, individual study
  • Formal courses, programmes and workshops

Leadership Development Technical Development Management Development

We work with world renowned institutions to develop our current and aspiring leaders to build a robust succession pipeline

We offer technical training to support you in your chosen specialism with the aim of making our people ‘experts’ in what they do

People Managers are critical to our success as they inspire our people to perform at their best, so we provide extensive development for all new and existing managers

Interpersonal Skills Professional Qualifications Compliance and Regulation
It’s not just about what you do, but also how you do it.  We have a suite of development that supports our competency framework which is underpinned by our company values We are committed to funding professional development that benefits both the business and the individual. This ensures people have the appropriate qualifications for the role and we have the right level of professional expertise We take our regulatory obligations very seriously and provide training when you join us and then regular refreshers so that you are clear on your responsibilities

We believe strongly that learning happens all the time and we have a culture that encourages innovation and development. We support our people in lots of different ways to suit their individual needs and also in line with best practice. This forward thinking approach to learning means we can give our people the opportunity to learn in the most effective way that suits their individual aspirations as well as being focused on driving the business forward.

Please refer to our job applicant privacy notice to find out how we use and share personal data during the application process.