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Product Development

Product Development facilitates the delivery of high quality products and services to drive revenue growth for the group, meeting our commitments to the market and our regulators. Through collaboration with our clients, business managers, domain specialists and technical experts, they define the group product strategy to deliver innovative and compelling products providing TransUnion with a competitive product portfolio. Our clients consistently feedback that Service and Innovation are key differentiators for TransUnion, and this is at the heart of what we do.  We continuously strive to make sure that what we deliver either sustains or improves the service provided to clients, whilst also exceeding feature requirements where we can - it is this balance of sustain and grow that maintains our wonderful position in the market.

We've grown to a team of over 200 people now, across multiple locations in the UK and more recently in Lithuania, but with a one team mentality.  This is largely made up of technology focused roles, from Developer to Solutions architects, from BA, Testers to our new move into the Dev/Ops approach.  Throw in the skills to lead and manage projects and programmes and we have a wealth of capability all focused on delivering on product / service commitments.  For our people this provides opportunities to contribute in so many different ways whilst supporting personal development and growth.  In addition, we work with a number of external technical partners to provide invaluable insight, guidance and capacity to complement our existing teams.

We seek to embrace as much of what is right in our industry into how we work. Across our delivery teams you will find great examples of things like Agile, Scrum, Kanban and even waterfall - we believe in choosing the right ways of working to best support the opportunity at hand.  Across everything we do is a fit for purpose governance model, designed to make sure we make the right investment decisions and achieve the right things for business units and the wider group, without being too onerous and slowing us down.

Development and Operations

With the business growing rapidly it continually needs to ramp up how often changes and new products get to market. This will be driven by the speed and repeatability with which we can deliver code and infrastructure from concept to live. At the same time we recognise, as an already successful organisation with a growing list of high profile clients it’s also paramount that we can continue to operate our systems in a consistent, reliable, secure manner.

The System and Platform Build teams have a vital role to play in this with a foot in both the Development and Operations worlds. Focussing on delivering both infrastructure and applications in a more automated, reliable and repeatable manner, with collaboration central to everything we do.

System Build

We are a team of keen, committed, people with a variety of skills – DBA’s, application release specialists, developers - who take a lead in nurturing a DevOps community. We work as part of project teams to help them understand and build their route to live by advising on automation, deployment pipelines and operational considerations and also by getting our hands dirty with the technology – prototyping, demonstrating and helping implement new technologies. We’re the kind of people who are never satisfied and are constantly looking to make things better, easier and more streamlined.

Platform Build

The Platform Build Team has a subtly different remit from the System Build team. While the latter focus on helping teams with TransUnion software and database solutions, the Platform Team provides services to help rapidly build the infrastructure, OS and middleware platforms which underpin these. Operating more in a “Platform-as-a-Service” model, the team consists of infrastructure and networks specialists who are moving towards the goal of infrastructure as code. As such automation and scripting skills are key, built on top of sound infrastructure specialisms (both Windows and Linux, virtual and physical, SAN storage, CISCO networks and so on). We look to repeatedly and rapidly deliver platforms to a known state as well as providing guidance and advice on infrastructure design and operability requirements that suit the high availability, high performance and high security requirements of TransUnion. This is an exciting area, not just in TransUnion but for IT in general, as cloud-based solutions and infrastructure as code becomes more prevalent, the Platform Build Team aims to provide the expertise and knowledge to deliver this service for TransUnion.

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