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Business Intelligence

The overarching purpose of the Business Intelligence (BI) team is to provide group wide business users with information that aids them in making better decisions on how to run TransUnion. Business users include sales, finance, operations, ITS, client management teams, etc.

We support the business users by working closely with them; and by understanding the way they conduct business and the decisions they make we are able to identify and supply the information they need to support those decisions.

Development is done using the Microsoft BI stack using agile methodologies, allowing for continuous delivery. We embrace best practices and encourage all team members to contribute to the way we do things. Our source control is TFS which allows us to generate release code easily and we ask all developers to aim towards continuous delivery and to work closely with testers for TDD.

In terms of staff development we provide an MSDN license, a Pluralsight license, ½ a day per month for personal development, we host the Yorkshire SQL Server User Group once a month. We are keen to develop not just technical skills but project and management skills, we encourage team members to lead certain activities (SCRUMS, meetings, even design and development) while providing support and guidance.

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