TransUnion is the new trading name of Callcredit in the UK. The usual high levels of service and products will continue as normal whilst we update the brand over the coming months.

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Credit risk and benchmarking services

PBL work with Executives and senior level representatives who want to understand the success of their activities by comparing and evaluating outcomes with their peers. 

This is achieved via our numerical benchmarking and structured best practice work, which enables groups of businesses operating a similar product, or in a specific sector, to:

  • Identify where they are positioned in the market, both in conjunction with and against their own independent objectives.
  • Identify best practice processes to enable them to understand where opportunities for improvement/process efficiencies lie.
  • Enhance their risk and operational management framework.


The best way to really understand the benefits of benchmarking is to see what our members have to say - please take a look at the 'what our clients say about us' section on our website (please click the link below).

The activities of all pbl benchmarking groups are governed by a Code of Ethics to which every member signs up and which covers:

  • Fair play - insight is only given to those organisations who can contribute their own experiences to the group and it is not provided to third parties, consultants or similar bodies. 
  • Anonymity - pbl act as ‘honest brokers’, we have very robust controls over data security and confidentiality.


Adherence to prevailing Competition Law legislation - given that pbl is a specialist benchmarking business, we take compliance with Competition Law very seriously, and hence we have and will continue to seek periodic legal advice about our activities.

There are a range of different job roles at pbl, at different levels of experience. The potential for career development is easily seen as almost all of our senior staff have been promoted into their current role. There are plenty of opportunities. I joined here six years ago and have been promoted twice in that time, and have still had time to take maternity leave in between! Lauren Baxter, Principal Consultant, process benchmarking ltd

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