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Analytics - Marketing

TransUnion’s Analysis and Consultancy team extends across a number of business areas, providing clients with optimal access to industry experts that understand the real business and data issues facing organisations, analysts that can derive knowledge and added value from data, and strategists with the vision to develop solutions that facilitate long term growth.  When working with clients the team like to adopt a collaborative approach to ensure that our clients derive the greatest possible returns from the solution that is implemented.  To achieve this, clients can employ the services of the Analytics and Consultancy team on a consultative basis, project by project, or as a retained resource. 

The services provided by the Analysis and Consultancy team are extremely diverse and can range from a simple profiling exercise, through to the implementation of complete CRM strategies covering the entire customer experience, and across multiple channels of engagement.  In essence, all solutions aim to deliver tailored marketing communications that ensure that we target the right person, with the right message, at the right time and through the right channel, thereby improving the effectiveness and profitability of any marketing activity. 

Using the wide array of personal, household, wealth, credit risk and geodemographic characteristics available through TransUnion's consumer universe, Define, in addition to transactional and behavioural data that may be held on a client’s customer and/or prospect database, the team can provide the following bespoke solutions:

  • Customer insights and market analysis
  • Acquisition, cross sell and up sell modelling
  • Attrition, retention and reactivation modelling
  • Customer segmentation and product targeting
  • Data planning and consultancy
  • Communication planning, campaign design and response analysis
  • Response and conversion modelling
  • Credit marketing
  • Attitudinal research 

The team are experts in the use of a wide array of in-house analysis tools and industry standard tools for data interrogation and statistical modelling.  These include SAS, SQL, SPSS, Knowledge Studio, Discoverer, Alterian and GIS tools for both domestic and international markets.  The team use a wide variety of statistical and modelling techniques to ensure that we deliver the optimal solution that closely matches a client’s requirements and utilises the best data available to work with.

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