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An environment where everyone can thrive

We pride ourselves on our unique culture – it’s what sets us apart in the marketplace.

At TransUnion we want to match people to positions where they can flourish and really add value. We employ new people based on merit considering skills, knowledge and experience as well as cultural fit. That’s why, regardless of race, gender, nationality, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or background, we focus on choosing the person who is the best fit for the job and the team. This extends to our training, development and reward initiatives, so everyone has equal opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Here are some of the words our people say about what it’s like to work here:

What it's like to work at Callcredit

It’s such an exciting time to be joining the business, as we are a growing business. We are lucky in that we operate in a number of sectors which are also growing and evolving. We are still a very young Company, in terms of age and culture as we are on an exciting growth journey, both in the UK, and internationally. This means that there is always a lot to do, and a real opportunity for everyone who works at TransUnion to make a difference.

Our customers tell us we are amongst the most innovative of their suppliers and really focus on their needs, and on managing their account well. This is a key differentiator for us in the market and contributes to TransUnion’s exciting culture. 

Other things that contribute to our fantastic culture are:

Continuous Improvement

We know we are not perfect, but strive to outperform expectations, and our competitors. We always welcome constructive feedback and suggestions from our people on how we can continue to improve.


We communicate exceptionally well. One way the Executive Team do this is by visiting all sites regularly to update employees face to face.

Our Benefits Package

We offer a wide range of benefits for our employees and their families.

Our Core Principles

Everything we do is driven by a small number of very important core principles we believe in.

Our Onboarding Programme

We have an amazing on-boarding programme for new starters where we spend time with you explaining our history and culture, the main markets in which we sell and what differentiates us from our key competitors. You will also have the opportunity to meet a number of the executive management team. 


Please refer to our job applicant privacy notice to find out how we use and share personal data during the application process.