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Our Group Structure

TransUnion is structured into three geographic markets: UK, North America, and International Markets. These markets are supported by three specialist line of business teams: ‘Credit and Marketing Data’, ‘Software, Analytics & Fraud’, and ‘Consumer Markets’. The Group is focused on developing innovative products and services across these specialisms to help businesses make smarter and more informed decisions throughout the customer lifecycle.

Credit and marketing data


Software, analytics and fraud

  • Database marketing solutions
  • Consumer analysis and segmentation
  • Database building and management
  • Integrated online and offline data solutions
  • Marketing and predictive modelling
  • Digital marketing
  • Innovative credit referencing tools
  • Credit scoring and analytics
  • Affordability assessment
  • Identity verification and bank account validation
  • Collections and recovery tools
  • Credit risk and benchmarking services


  • Multi-bureau solutions
  • Multi-bureau retro processing andAnalytical support
  • Decision engine & application processing solutions
  • Credit risk consultancy
  • Scorecards and analytical solutions
  • Scorecard monitoring solutions
  • Fraud prevention
  • Identity verification
  • Customer experience management 



Consumer markets



  • Data breach management
  • Online consumer solutions
  • Payment platforms




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