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Employee Volunteering

All employees get one paid volunteer day each year to help a community project of their choice.

Uzuoveja is children’s day care centre that was established by the Lithuanian Samaritan Organization. This shelter takes care of children from disadvantaged families, whose income is not sufficient to meet basic living standards.

At Uzuoveja children get lunch, play games, draw and learn elementary life skills such as domestic help, cooking and body care. The aim of the day care centre is to help children to shape positive attitude to life, develop their social, communication skills and improve their education by providing opportunities for self-expression.

Day care centre had to move from their premises. Kaunas city municipality allocated an abandoned building, but it needs to be renovated. TransUnion Operations and sponsors plan to renovate two rooms for children where they can grow and spend their leisure time.

The building allocated for the children shelter is in a very bad condition and requires renovation to make it suitable for the children needs. The shelter does not have enough money for this and employees from TransUnion Operations would like to help.

We also invite all other companies and individuals to join us and help children to settle in the new premises.

7 344. 43 LTL raised by TransUnion employees in different charity and volunteering activities. The activities included charity table football championships, quizzes, filming promotional videos, donation initiatives and events organised by our staff. This was doubled by TransUnion Information Group and consisted of 14 688.86 LTL.

Various companies and individuals became involved to the initiative. They provided many products and services for free. The sum of all their good work converted to money is impressive 26 750 LTL.

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