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Our Lithuania Office

We currently have over 180 employees in our Lithuania office working in IT, data analysing, digital marketing and customer service roles.

Our Office

We are proud to work in one of the most modern offices in Kaunas. Our offices are located in the Zalgiris Arena, one of the most iconic buildings in the city centre. We enjoy the benefits of free parking and various venues after work. Our office is a green space where we save the environment by recycling waste, using energy saving lamps and being responsible.  We create positive and fun working environment, therefore, our employees can use different leisure activities like foosball, PlayStation and darts. We love our work and employees, as a result we want them to feel happy and provide tools which make their work easier.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We frame our approach to different stakeholders through four responsibility themes:

Our Marketplace

Sharing best practice is a key principle for us. 

  • In 2015 more than 100 schoolchildren visited our office and found out about our business and job roles   
  • 12 employees visited 380 schoolchildren and travelled 230 kilometres in 3 weeks’ time with IT Myth Busters project
  • 177 students from universities and colleges had office tours and listened to the presentations of our colleagues from different departments in 2015
  • 25 employees represented our company in employer branding events in 2016: largest KTU career fair and biggest LOGIN progress conference in the Baltic states


 Our Marketplace




Our Workplace

We value employee engagement, development, health and wellbeing.

  • We provide our office with free fruit, relaxation massages and wellbeing workshops
  • All together we try to live a healthier and happier life: organise healthy nutrition campaigns, Bike to Work and Share a Car weeks
  • 50 people from the Kaunas office represented Callcredit in different sport marathons in Lithuania in 2015
  • 11 employees regularly play in the Callcredit Kaunas basketball team
  • 10 employees regularly play in the Callcredit Kaunas volleyball team


 Our Workplace




Our Community

We give back to society, including our local communities and charitable causes.

  • All employees get one paid volunteer day each year to help a community project of their choice
  • 50 employees voluntarily spend their time organising different activities to raise money for our social initiative ‘Sukurkime Uzuoveja’ 
  • We regularly support different charity organisations – we decide together with our colleagues what organisations need our help
  • 20 employees voluntarily donate blood at the sessions held at the office twice a year to refresh needed blood supplies


 Lithuania Volunteering




Our Environment

We respect the natural world and make efforts to reduce our impact on it.

  • Kaunas staff disposed 30 kilos of old batteries to a special container in one month
  • Approximately 15 employees participate at the annual environment cleaning initiative 'Let’s do it’ that is being organised by Zalgiris Arena where our office is located


 Our Environment

Current Vacancies

To find out about any opportunities available within our Lithuania Office please take a look at our current vacancies

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