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Our History

Year 2000

Callcredit was formed. 

Year 2003

Callcredit, EuroDirect (est.1991) and GMAP (est.1997) were brought together under the name Skipton Information Group. 

Year 2007 

Legatio and DecisionMetrics were acquired.

Year 2008

Broadsystem (est.1984) was acquired.
Renamed Callcredit Information Group. 

Year 2009

Management team led a Management Buy Out (MBO) backed by Vitruvian Partners, a private equity business.

Year 2010 and 2011

Further acquisitions – pbl, Latitude, The Trading Floor, TenantID, GMAP Japan KK was also formed.



Year 2012

Noddle Limited and Callcredit Operations UAB
(Lithuania) were founded.

Year 2013

Acquisition of Lifestyles Online.

Year 2014

Acquisition of Coactiva.

Management team led a Management Buy Out backed by GTCR, a private equity business.  

Year 2016 

Acquisition of numero. 

Aquisition of Recipero.


Callcredit Spain formed

Callcredit Spain acquires Spanish Confirma group of companies


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