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As you’ve probably heard, TransUnion has completed the £1billion purchase of Callcredit. As the second largest consumer credit bureau in the UK, being part of the TransUnion family is set to offer UK customers exciting new products and opportunities. We’ve already had a lot of positive conversations with clients and here’s a short update on what these changes mean for current and future customers.

A new look and feel starting from now

Over the coming months you’ll see changes to our brand. Initially we’ll be TransUnion (formerly Callcredit), as reflected in the logo, before we move to simply TransUnion. As a phased integration process begins, UK organisations and consumers will start to become familiar with TransUnion as the name becomes more visible in changes to our brochures, reports, presentations and to our digital properties.

As David Neenan, International President at TransUnion states: “We’re delighted to introduce the TransUnion brand to the UK. Migrating the Callcredit business name to TransUnion will allow us to fully leverage the benefits that the integration brings and enable us to deliver even more to our customers in the UK and across the global markets that TransUnion serves.”

Business as usual

While our brand’s visual language changes, the way we work with you will remain the same. During this time of change, we’ll be laser focused on delivering the excellent level of service and insight which our customers have grown to expect. The brand changes will not disrupt our roadmap, and our commitment to helping our clients solve problems and improving performance is unwavering.

Likewise, following on from our recent ‘Fraud Fortress’ report and partnership work with Credit Strategy magazine, we’ve got a pipeline of exciting pieces of original research and opinion pieces on the way on topics such as data-led marketing, the future of credit and Open Banking.

Future thinking and long-term gains

Integrating into one brand is part of our strategy to maximise the combined international presence of TransUnion and Callcredit, and drive enhanced value to businesses and consumers in the UK.

Since Callcredit’s inception in 2000 we’ve have blazed a trail of innovation from bringing affordability to the market (2004) to free credit reports (2008) to machine learning applications. Our expertise in data, analytics and technology allows businesses and consumers make informed decisions.

Similarly in the US and beyond TransUnion have been helping people access the opportunities that lead to a higher quality of life. With market-leading products such as CreditVision and TransUnion Credit Monitoring, they help organizations optimise their risk-based decisions and enable consumers to understand and manage their personal information.

It’s clear our values and solutions are aligned to TransUnion’s mission of using information for good. As such UK clients can expect to be able to access new TransUnion data products and benefit from a wider pool of expertise that will drive further groundbreaking innovation and even higher level of service.

As TransUnion UK (formerly Callcredit) Chief Executive Mike Gordon said:  “We’re excited about the future and the unique opportunity to elevate our competitive advantage with TransUnion through our combined innovation and expertise.”

If you have any queries about how the move to TransUnion will impact you and your business, get in touch with your Account Management team or call us on 0113 388 4300.

If you’re a consumer with questions or issues related to your personal credit report, drivers history report, disputes, fraud, identity theft, credit report freeze or credit monitoring services, please visit our Customer Enquiries page for assistance.

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