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Using Microsoft Azure to improve performance

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David Ross, Chief Technology Officer, and Dave Webber, Director of Concept Management, recently sat down with the team at Microsoft to discuss the ways Callcredit are using the Microsoft Azure platform and the exciting opportunities it’s opening up for our business and clients.

With Microsoft’s adoption and application of machine learning within Microsoft Azure wedded to elastic compute power, we are now able to use new algorithms and discover ways to improve through greater accuracy and performance in terms of cost control as it provides a much more resilient environment.

“We have greater scalability, more flexibility and it gives us more confidence that we run our costs in a more efficient manner. Microsoft just offer capabilities which are beyond anybody else,” commented Ross.

Dave Webber continued; “Machine learning allows us to process more data, analyse patterns that we previously couldn’t find and make predictions with much greater accuracy than ever before. The numbers are significant and we are going to go to market on some very good news.”

David Ross summarised his feelings towards moving to Microsoft’s cloud; “Our use of Azure helps us improve our service and makes us more attractive to our customers. We’re faster, more cost efficient and more effective.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we are using machine learning to drive improvements in performance download our Credit, Fraud and Risk in the Age of the Machines whitepaper.

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