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Digital is not new, get over it ;-o

The digital communications age has well and truly taken root.  It’s not new anymore, okay?  It’s seven years since the first Tweet was posted (should that really be capitalised?), 21 years since the first text message was sent and a … » Read more…

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Time to look again at the role of email marketing?

Most adults who are online in the UK (and that’s 85% according to ONS have access to at least one personal email account.  In fact, YouGov found that the average number of email accounts held is four.  The first email … » Read more…

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The end of the beginning?

January 2013 saw a number of interesting developments which signal, as PWC put it back in June 2012, ‘the end of the beginning’. Facebook announced their full year 2012 results; Ad revenue is up by over 40% year on year … » Read more…

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Digital Ghost Town

In last week’s blog post some UK high street names came up including Jessops, Blockbuster and HMV.  Add to this Comet and you’ll see that most of these websites have now been replaced with ‘administrator slates’ of one form or … » Read more…

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Marketing in 2013-here are four predictions

Ok, so the continued rise of mobile and the social media debate are odds on for the next 12 months. But what else will be important marketing wise?  Looking through the blogs, analyst sites and editorial, I’ve picked four upcoming … » Read more…

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