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Player safety: an odds-on focus at ICE 2019

  BBC Radio 4’s Long View episode, Gambling and New Technologies, provided a timely exposition of the industry’s historical relationship with technology. It began by looking at the inception of horse racing sweepstakes in the 1830s and how the combination … » Read more…

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Regulatory change: what the gaming industry can learn from the finance sector

In this blog Adam Hancox, Head of Sector – Gaming, explores the effects new legislation is having on the gaming industry, the importance of all operators being responsible and the benefits of having a single customer view. The gaming industry … » Read more…

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Level up: Four approaches to combating fraud in gaming in 2018

Gambling continues to grow in the UK including by 10% remotely. Globally it’s estimated the entire industry will be worth US$60bn by 2020. Such high figures makes the industry attractive for dishonesty, including identity fraud, AML, physical fraud, hacking and ‘ransomware’ … » Read more…

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The Impact of Anti-Money Laundering Regulation on Gaming

In the third of a series of blogs, we take a look as the key trends and market forces facing the UK gaming industry. Here we examine the impact of changes to the anti-money laundering regime. Player accounts required The … » Read more…

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Five Trends in Gaming for 2016

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2015 saw many challenges facing the gaming industry, from increased regulation to a raft of mergers and acquisitions underpinned by changes in player behaviour.  Whilst 2015 saw some amazing advances, 2016 promises to push the boundaries further still.  All underpinned … » Read more…

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