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Five practical tips to streamline your email operations – part 1

“I wish we’d spotted this email sooner. If we’d responded to the customer on time and more appropriately, the issue wouldn’t have been escalated and we wouldn’t have this problem!” This is a common scenario which, in this day and … » Read more…

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Time for ‘prudence’ to make a come-back?

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As part of our Real World Thinking initiative, we look at how fears of another unsecured personal debt bubble are forcing organisations to focus on the income & expenditure processes they already have in place for customers struggling with their … » Read more…

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Applying Real World Thinking to the FCA’s review on persistent debt

In April the Financial Conduct Authority released its report on persistent debt in the UK. One of the most shocking findings was that persistent debt is a problem that’s affecting 3.3 million people. That’s about three times the population of … » Read more…

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Utilities: how not to manage the home move process

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I think I’m a pretty good customer to have on your books.  I pay my bills on time, I don’t overspend, I rarely go into my overdraft, I think I’m credit savvy – working in the credit industry for a … » Read more…

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Utilities: understanding the home move problem

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Moving home is something we tend to do only a few times during our pre-university years, then it goes off the scale as we enjoy living in student accommodation, sometimes followed by a gap year, a few years’ of renting … » Read more…

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