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Can’t pay or won’t pay? The customer’s view

The Bank of England warned in September that a sharp rise in interest rates and unemployment could cause UK banks to lose £30bn on credit card, personal loan and car finance lending. However credit and debt are not just about … » Read more…

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Using tech to boost the personal touch

As another part of our Real World Thinking initiative, we offer some tried and tested ways of using smarter working practice and technology to improve the customer experience. According to Forrester, 72% of businesses across the board say that improving … » Read more…

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Five ways to bring your collections operation into the 21st century blog series 1/5: Data

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In the first of a series of short blogs, aimed at identifying ways you can bring your collections practice into the 21st century, we take a look at how the right data can be extremely useful for the modern day … » Read more…

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Taking a more proactive approach to helping vulnerable customers

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Just think how effective it would be to have all the customer information right where you need it and being able to protect financially vulnerable customers. It’s always been challenging to collect delinquent revenues and rehabilitate customers, but as consumer … » Read more…

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