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Let’s get geeky about online usage patterns

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According to Ofcom’s latest communications report 24% of households in the UK own a tablet device (up from 11%  a year ago) and over half of all adults now own a smartphone.  Not surprisingly, more than half of all digital … » Read more…

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Time to look again at the role of email marketing?

Most adults who are online in the UK (and that’s 85% according to ONS have access to at least one personal email account.  In fact, YouGov found that the average number of email accounts held is four.  The first email … » Read more…

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Building a showroom without walls

I recently had to buy some blinds in a hurry from a department store over hour’s drive away and did not fancy the trip. Nor did I want to wait a few days for a delivery. Enter ‘Click and collect’:  … » Read more…

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Blue Monday

So Blue Monday’s here on 21st January this year according to the pseudoscientists.  Maybe do something to counter it or even get your credit bill paid off for you courtesy of Noddle (a Callcredit company) to get through what is allegedly the … » Read more…

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