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Looking forward to your reunion?

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shutterstock_197372348Where does 20 years go!? That’s what I was thinking when I accepted an invite to attend a university reunion later this summer. We stay in touch with many close friends and now a much wider circle of old school and university friends through the use of various social media channels. However, I’m still looking forward to seeing the ones that have slipped off the radar, been busy getting married, raising families and building careers etc.

Will I recognise everyone? Would you recognise everyone you knew 20 years ago? Most of them, yes, but there will definitely be some surprises, some subtle changes and some radical make overs that mean I won’t recognise everyone immediately. But hey, it will be fun finding out.

What about you, are you looking forward to your reunion? In this case I’m not referring to your school or university reunion but the reunion with your customer. These reunions are happening every single day but what I see is that many companies don’t know about it and it isn’t fun finding out but it is costly to your operation through letters, calls and man time etc.

You may be presented with a customer that has a different address to the one you hold on your system, for example, their name may be spelt differently or there is an error in their date of birth.  The data may be presented differently but it “is” the same customer you have on your system and have engaged with or tried to contact before.

The key to knowing this information is having an accurate single view of customer. We can provide this through our universal Callcredit DataDNA number. Each UK consumer has a unique DataDNA number and even if they have changed their address or name details we will still match them to the same unique DataDNA number due to the data we hold and the sophistication and accuracy of our matching techniques. It’s what we do best!

It is more important than ever to know your customer and fully understand your customer base. Whether you are deciding to outsource customers under an effective and FCA compliant strategy, or you are a panel member wanting to make sure that your data is as accurate as possible for your operation and interest of your customer, an accurate single view of customer is crucial.

So, are you ready for your customer reunion today? An exercise with Callcredit will ensure  that confirmation and comfort is provided on your existing process but more importantly we can fill in the gaps and ensure that you’re in the best possible shape for your reunion!

Author: James Connolly


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