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Geodemographics 101: An insight into segmentation of data and the issues marketers face

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The festive season is behind us. This means for many Marketers they’re looking for a good start to the year to produce the magic needed to reach their ROI.

In the Geodemographics 101 blog we identify the needs of Marketers as a collective and draw on examples we can relate to, to show the importance that accurate insights can provide.

The issues facing the Marketing industry

Dan White, Business Development Manager at Callcredit, identified some of the main issues keeping Marketers up at night:

  • How to increase ROI?
  • How to reduce acquisition costs?
  • How to expand effectively into new markets (including international) and existing ones?

The majority of companies have a need to gain valuable insight into the demographic make-up of defined areas, helping drive better decision making and enabling businesses to discover new customer bases, boosting acquisition rates. That’s exactly what utilising Geodemographics enables you to do.

Many Marketers in multiple sectors are facing the same issues and would benefit from a tool that helps them identify the right customer for them, at the right time, in the right location. If it’s your ultimate goal to find your best customer to improve your ROI, understanding how Geodemographics works could be key.

International marketing case study

Mining your existing customer data to create actionable insight is essential. Many travel operators need to increase the value of each customer and reduce marketing spend by understanding which customer types travel on particular routes from certain airports.

We worked with a (low cost) airline that operates throughout Europe who were having difficulty finding the insight to allow them to track the right customers. Our solutions helped them to keep up with management expectations on revenue growth and profitability. Using our insights we could code up their customer base, allowing them to profile UK and International customers by departure airport and route. We then mapped customer journeys and began to identify new opportunities within the existing customer base which could then inform their marketing activity.

The initial results were better conversion rates on marketing by airport and by route, and better brand association allowing for an uplift of on-board sales.

This example could be applicable across automotive, retail, finance, public sector and many other industries.

As the landscape of data for marketing use changes, we must adapt and embrace it in order to increase ROI. It’s clear from looking at our airline example the many benefits utilising your insights to their full potential can bring. These include:

  • Boost profits
  • Increase acquisition rates
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Build stronger and more profitable customer relationships
  • Identify optimal store locations
  • Build a clearer picture of online and offline customers

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