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Earlier this year, TransUnion contributed to the government’s white paper on the use of data and analytics to counter fraud, which was published as part of a public consultation.

Given that fraud costs the government an estimated £31bn to £48bn every year, it’s no surprise that this is a highly charged and emotive issue on the political agenda.

Recent reports into the level of fraud in Universal Credit provision, and further revelations about difficulties in the outsourced Action Fraud helpline, have highlighted the growing concern that the existing system of fraud protection is not sufficient in the face of this ever-increasing threat.

The consultation on this topic is intended to ensure that government continues to work with the public and private sector to build public confidence in the use of data. It addresses outstanding issues and challenges, such as those associated with data quality, access and analytical capability.

In our contribution, we outline the importance of developing and embedding a data mindset for preventing fraud; highlighting the benefits of public and private sector partnerships and sharing our thoughts on what lies ahead.

Satty Saha, CEO of TransUnion in the UK explains: “Creating an engine to drive a path through the multi-billion pound problem of fraud will require radical disruption – the fuel and tools for which are already within the government machinery. Chief among the changes that need to happen is a true focus on data and its uses across the government body. To this end, much more collaboration between public and private is needed.

“In recent years TransUnion has been part of the Data Sharing and Data Analytics Advisory Board, providing support and insight on the creation of good practice guidance in terms of implementing data analytics to counter fraud in government. This consultation is another step in the right direction to create stronger cross-sector partnerships for the public good.”

John Cannon, MD Fraud & ID at TransUnion in the UK added: “With an innovation-focused data mindset, public and private sector collaboration can help ensure that public services can take advantage of the latest thinking and technology when it comes to fighting fraud. They can also use the lessons learnt from within the private sector to deliver a public service that puts the consumer first, overcomes challenges to reduce fraud and creates a responsive, responsible infrastructure for a strong nation.”

Download TransUnion’s contribution to the report – Developing a Data Mindset – here.

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