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3 reasons why you need to register for the Fraud Summit 2018 now

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Why you should attend the Fraud Summit

Registration for the 2018 Fraud Summit is now open. Entitled the ‘The Evolution of Fraud’, the summit is designed to tackle not just the current issues surrounding fraud, but future ones too. It’s ideal for anyone working in the anti-fraud space, whether in a dedicated fraud role or in a role such as customer experience or compliance.
If this sounds interesting, here’s three quick reasons why you should register now.

You’ll get to listen to speakers who make the news

It’s a unique, dedicated forum for learning about cutting-edge approaches to combat fraud. Our three keynote speakers are regularly used by the media for expert commentary and opinion on cybercrime.

You’ve probably seen Major-General Jonathan Shaw’s recent interview and its fallout on social media. Major-General Shaw is a thought-provoking authority on the impact of developments in cybercrime and the responses needed. Head of Counter Terrorism at the Ministry of Defence during 9/11 and later Assistant Chief of Defence Staff at the Ministry of Defence, where he developed UK policy on cyber security, he argues that the government and Whitehall need to revise their strategies and decision making processes to better respond to emerging, developing and immediate threats.

Also headlining is Dr. David Modic, researcher at the Computer Laboratory, Cambridge University, specialising in the psychology of Internet fraud, intrusion deterrence and IT security, and David Birch, an expert in secure electronic transactions and regarded as the go-to-guy for business information by Wired Magazine. You can read up on some of David’s thoughts on the need for using new technology to combat fraud in his series of blogs produced for the 2017 Fraud Summit.

It’ll give you tangible takeaways

The Fraud Summit is designed to offer practical takeaways and learnings that you can implement in your roles.

The breakout sessions feature experts from across different industries discussing topics such as Fraud Prevention technologies, including machine learning and its innovative contribution in the fraud space, how collaboration is key in the fight against fraud and horizon scanning that highlights the future direction of cybercrime.

These discussions are sure to spark debate both on the day and back in the office and provide ideas that you’ll want to implement in your roles.

A chance to meet your peers

Despite the digital revolution business is still very much built through strong relationships. And this is one of the key reasons to attend the Fraud Summit.

Fraud is a cat and mouse game and a great way to keep on top of it is through exchanging best practice thinking with fellow industry experts. The Fraud Summit offers you a unique opportunity to do just that. Being in a room with other like-minded people you can chat over shared problems, listen to their ideas and experiences, and build your network.

Sign up to join us at the Fraud Summit using the link below to make the most of this exciting opportunity.

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